Non-Profit Fundraiser

NO SELLING MAGAZINES - NO SELLING FRUIT - NO SELLING PIZZAS - JUST PROFIT! would like to offer you the opportunity to list cartoon-related items on our auction website to earn money for your non-profit organization.

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Who is
Our best analogy is that we are a specialty store like your favorite shoe store - they sell just shoes.  In our case - we offer just animated cartoon collectibles and memorabilia.  

How are we different than eBay and Craigslist?
Here's how we are different; eBay is like Wal-Mart and sells anything and everything.   We are like eBay in that we are an auction site so we have a global reach.  We are unlike eBay in that our final value fees are lower - so more money returns to your organization - 93%.  Plus, we are also a local business like you.

We are like Craigslist in that we are really easy to use.  We are unlike Craigslist in that we are very targeted and have a small final value fee in exchange for global exposure.  And, being an auction website the asking prices of your items might be exceeded thus generating more money for your non-profit.

How does your non-profit make money?
You might already receive "item" donations from members.  Or, you may have members who would be willing to donate their cartoon toys, plush, clothes, etc. from home.  For example, Disney Princesses are very popular and little girls love Princess items - for a while.  Then they grow out of Princesses and the parents are left with all these Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White things.  If you ask your members, you'd probably find out these are things that might otherwise end up going to a thrift store or possibly even the garbage/landfill.

IDEA: Request these items from your members so your non-profit can list them on our auction website to raise money.

What is the cost to the non-profit?
For a period of time while we are growing, we are waiving the final value fees so your non-profit receives 100% of the profit.  Plus, if you are willing to drop off the cartoon related items at our office, we'll even photograph the items and post them into your account once you have it created.  You'll just need to give us a list of the items you're dropping off, a short description of the items and let us know a starting price you'd like for the items.  

Or, if you have someone in your organization who is willing to follow the really easy steps to post and list items, anyone in the organization can help with the fundraising.

What types of items qualify to be listed on
Examples of items include (but are not limited to) T-shirts, stuffed animals, figurines, hats, beanies, cells, cards, glasses, mugs, sweatshirts, games, snow globes, key chains, books, magnets, DVDs -- for any animation studio - any 'toon will do!

How do we promote this fund raising idea to our members?
This is a great opportunity for members to support your non-profit on an ongoing basis.  They don't need to buy anything extra nor go door to door to sell anything.  When their kids or collector friends and family are done with any cartoon item, all they need to do is give it to your non-profit and you can list the item - anytime.

Ideas to make it easy for members to donate:

  • ~ Have a "Cartoon Drop Off" box where members can donate their cartoon memorabilia
  • ~ Have "Cartoon Days" each month - collect the cartoon items then drop them off at our office - we'll list them for you
  • ~ Encourage members to ask neighbors who have garage sales to donate unsold cartoon items to your non-profit.
  • ~ Encourage members to create an account on, list the items themselves and take their profit and donate it to you.
  • ~ Feature our "Little Yellow Freaky Guy" in your newsletters/ emails as a reminder to donate their cartoon items. 

What are the benefits of using as a fund raising method?

  • ~ No door to door selling
  • ~ Available to anyone in the world - family and friends of your members ANYWHERE can participate
  • ~ Using can be done along with any other fund raising program taking very little effort
  • ~ Your non-profit receives between 93% - 100% of the profits made
  • ~ We're a local business helping a local non-profit on a global level
  • ~ We're keeping potential items out of a landfill

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